how many designers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

if you choose right,



two hundred.




getting warmer?



two and a half men?

an agency full.





just one.

just one.

the what:

what are we even doing here?

social media

I can't be the only one asking that. Unfortunately, Dim's not here to answer life's big questions. My focus is answering the little ones — like marketing tactics and business growth, or why your social media efforts just aren't paying off.

Keep your mind free to manage your business, spend time with your family or chase down your own meaningful answers. In the meantime, let me tackle the runaway online debates, animated ad strategy and ongoing Twitter relations.

Here to do more, so you can do less.

Here's how dim can help:
the work:
the why:

the world could use a little more beauty.

Along with that, agencies have become more and more complicated. Dim offers a simple solution: work and communicate directly with the designer producing your work. Without additional messengers involved, the cost and stress is reduced for all of us.

I'm not here to make ads for Coca-Cola. I'm here to help the next great yoga studio blossom with a thoughtful logo; to help a community outreach grow faster than they could have with just one student volunteer; to hear out the brilliant entrepreneurs who haven't stopped to breathe, much less create an investor deck.

I'm here to do more, so you can do less.

And I feel privileged to be able to contribute.

Dim Creative started because information is beautiful and design allows us to understand it a little better. Communicating in the 21st century is a constant, perplexing effort. Social media ads are becoming more and more complicated. Advertising isn't just buying air time on the radio anymore.

the cost:

what's the bottom line?

With a fair hourly rate, transparent invoicing, and detailed project outlines, the price doesn't have to outweigh the perks.

Each project has its own specifics and with that its own budget. Let's discuss yours.

Understand your marketing, from price to profit.

the conclusion:

A marketing match made in heaven.

If you've made it this far down the page, it's time to admit it. You're interested.

Because we're meant to be.

But seriously, scroll back up. You missed all the cool portfolio work and there's nothing down here except love notes and copyright text. Boring.

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